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Parent Portal

PowerSchool is an Internet based student data information system designed to share information between parents, students, and teachers regarding student grades and attendance. Administrators can use the program for letters and forms for communication to government agencies, teachers, and parents. Teachers are able to provide grade information and comments with this program through parental connection. Students and parents will be able to view grades and future assignments in order to work together for the studentsí academic success. Email notification is available for parents as an option.

All parents in our elementary schools are required to attend an informational session prior to receiving an ID and password. No family will receive any information until a disclaimer is signed and returned to the school office after the informational session. If a parent can not attend the session that is held at their own school, the parent will be able to attend another session at a different school. Contact your school office or the Assistant Superintendent of Technology for a listing of sessions.

Click here to access the Parent Portal

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